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My name is Chen Xu, I graduated from University of Waterloo as an undergrad in Computer Science, and Yale University as a master student also in Computer Science. Now I am a Senior Software Engineer @ AppDynamics.

During my undergrad study, I have worked for 6 different companies on a variety of area: You’re Next!, QuinStreet, IMVU, Xtreme Labs (acquired by Pivotal Labs), Minted, and Mappedin. After I graduated from Waterloo, I started working at Jingu Apps as the only server engineer who supports three different client teams. After I came to Yale, I worked part time at a YEI startup Dextro. In May 2014, I started my new journey. For more info, you can find here, or view¬†my resume .

Besides my work, I like to do a lot of different things too. I like to play basketball, work out; sports is a big part of my leisure time. I also like to travel, by far I have had the chance to live in 9 different cities for more than 4 months, of course being a part the Waterloo Co-op benefit.

If you want to find out more about me, you can read more in my blogs.

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